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New Team Ranking Guidelines for Ontario Region
Created On: February 4, 2014

Team Ranking Guidelines: Ontario Region

  • An online roster/pool of players shall consist of up to 40 players, with the team choosing no more than 18 players to participate at an event (16 for Provincials and 14 for qualifying events).
  • Players are eligible to compete in Coed, Mens or Womens, Masters and Seniors programs.  A player may not play on more than one team in one division on any given weekend.
  • A player in one division can only play in that division and one division lower.


Team Guidelines:

  • B – no more than 2 A players
  • C – no more than 2 B players
  • D – no more than 2 C players
  • E – no more than 2 D players
  • All Masters 35A/B teams (mens and womens) may have a maximum of  4 currently ranked A players
  • Masters 35C division teams may have no more than one A player and 2 B players
  • Masters 35D division teams may have no more than one B player and 2 C players, and will have no A players
  • Masters 35E division teams shall have no A,B or C players
  • Player Rankings will be determined by their highest level played in the current year or preceding year

Note: Players must indicate highest level played in the past 2 years (current and previous season)